Training and Education

Want your team to be as smart as your customers?

MCorp is a consultancy that would just as soon not get repeat business. Not because we don’t value our clients and the close relationships we forge, but because our best measure of success is seeing how well our customer experience training pays off. Unlike consultancies that keep the magic behind smoke and mirrors, we want to hand off our methodologies, training, and tools to your organization, to see them get implemented over the long term by internal teams. While we’re happy to come back to work with new departments, and to train new groups, we’re just as happy hearing from clients once a year, to catch up on their successes, their challenges, and to help with small course corrections in the pursuit of an ever-better customer experience.


Training programs

The goal of our training programs is to help your organization – and employees – see opportunity and seize value 
from the outside-in. Lauded as a thought leader in the practice of measuring and creating innovative brands and customer experiences, our training programs fuse strategy, creativity and innovation to help your team get smarter, faster and more demanding than your own clients.


MCorp’s fast-paced, outcome-oriented, and interactive workshops are designed along the lines of our methodology, proven to be highly effective at transforming customer experiences for organizations both large and small. But each workshop is customized to fit a particular client’s needs. Highly practical, they educate and challenge, while delivering immediate, actionable insights for your organization.


The world of customer experience is changing, and making sure you know how to keep up – and get ahead – is a personal mission for MCorp’s Michael Hinshaw and Bruce Kasanoff. Disruptive technologies are rapidly enabling customer expectations, and established companies are facing significant threats to their business. The frictions that ensue – around competitive, organizational, and product and service strategy – are many, but so are the opportunities. We help companies face the threats and give them the tools to harness them for their own good.