MCorp’s Capabilities

Maximizing value wherever clients interact with their customers

Recognized as a global leader in customer experience strategy and brand planning, MCorp Consulting offers a suite of customer experience consulting services from strategy and design to implementation, using its deep expertise and proven toolset of research, persona development, customer journey maps, and more.

A leader in the art and science of measuring and creating innovative experiences, MCorp’s processes, tools and solutions deliver actionable insights and winning strategy across a range of industries and company size. The firm has been trusted by – and delivered measurable results to – many of the world’s leading brands.

Our process is broken into three main phases:

One: Learn


From alignment of goals to role definition, internal brand audits to secondary industry research, and persona definition to touchpoint inventory, every MCorp engagement begins with learning. And we’re not the only ones. Our clients also learn: about their assumptions, biases and disconnects, making this a passionate and always eye-opening phase. It’s where we connect the board room to the boiler room, unearth internal perceptual conflicts, create a common language around brand and customer experience, and chart an agreed-upon path for moving forward toward improvements of all kinds.

Two: Plan


Once we have a deep understanding of the issues and have achieved team consensus on how to move forward, the unique goals and environment of each client go into the crafting of its customized plan. Whether through one-on-one qualitative interviews with leading clients, online focus groups with second-tier delivery staff, or casting a wide net with quantitative surveys, we collect the data that will provide the detailed picture of the customer experience or brand performance, upon which MCorp will base its recommendations and strategic plan.

Three: Design a strategy


While approach and methodology vary from project to project, the strategy design phase always results in the identification of common customer issues and solutions, allowing organizations to walk in their customers’ shoes by viewing customer interactions, motivations, and desires through their customers’ experiences. These scenarios and hypotheses establish and demonstrate the linkage between improving customer experience and driving greater business value. When socialized, refined and agreed upon, they constitute the action plan to drive organizational change and improvements.