MCorp Consulting Services

Customer and brand experience experts

While the importance of brand and customer experience is widely recognized, understanding how to best define, prioritize, and improve them aren’t in the core competency of most organizations – nor should they be. Your team is focused on delivering the best product and service, and making a profit on a daily basis and in the long term. MCorp, on the other hand, works across a range of industries, fusing strategy, creativity, and innovation to help clients deliver the best experience possible to their most valuable customer segments.  So if you’re interested in deepening your ability to increase sales, loyalty, and efficiency through the right brand and a better customer experience, MCorp’s services may be the solution.


When it comes to customer experience services, every firm you’re looking at has a different set of capabilities. MCorp’s have been honed over a decade of delivering actionable insights and winning strategies across a range of industries and sizes.


Customer experience management has likely risen in importance for your team, and that’s a good thing – for your customers and your bottom line. And we can prove it. MCorp has been helping organizations define and implement customer experience improvements across customer journeys, segments, channels, and devices for years, and we know how effective it is… every single time. Our customer experience service scope includes:


Every company has a brand, but are your customers, employees, and leadership clear on what it is – and how to deliver on it? In these days of disruptive technology, in addition to differentiating your organization from the competition, brand also drives customer expectations, setting the stage for a good – or bad – customer experience. We’ll help you define what you stand for, and translate this definition to increase equity. MCorp delivers:


An outside expert perspective may help you and your team better understand – and address – the changes that smart customers are driving in your industry. Our workshops are richly informed, active, and fast paced, leading to tangible insights and action plans. And as speakers, Michael Hinshaw and Bruce Kasanoff have engaged small executive teams and packed auditoriums, lecturing around the world.