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Part of what makes being a CX industry expert so interesting is that we’re all customers. We experience first-hand the customer lifecycle journeys we also help our clients deliver, and are forced to navigate between pragmatic and demanding…


Everything I could envision earlier this year has pretty much come to fruition in some form or other, and it may be time for Bruce Kasanoff and I to put our heads together to think about what disruption in 2015 might look like…


Heading into 2014, nothing would please us (or your customers) more than having your company take this lead in your industry. Many great ideas (as well as a cautionary tale or two) follow…


With a nod to December and Van Belleghem’s post #9, we dedicate this issue to a purpose-driven culture. Only in this case, it’s a culture of putting the customer first, understanding their expectations, and then at least meeting them, if not exceeding them.


The fact is, none of us is protected from massive disruption – large, established companies least of all. Short of seeing around corners, what can we do?


As customer experience champions, we’re in a fast-changing business where rules are breaking faster than we can reach last-year’s goals: and when it’s not energizing, it’s exhausting.