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While all of December’s tweets were good, Tweet #8 rises to the top. If you have time for only one, this short post by is the one we’d like you to focus on.


While these trends have been clear to us for some time (see our 2012 book), the shift to digital continues to shift the power in the customer-company relationship ever more in favor of the customer.

10 Trends of Customer Experience for 2015

Something that was driven home to me this month (after several frustrating interactions with some large, prominent companies, and other supposedly savvy ones) is just how many are still blind to customer experience.


Few words are more overused in business today than “proactive.” (Remember “synergy” in the 90s?) We’re guilty of mining the proactive goldmine ourselves. But what other word (or concept) captures the new view of customer experience better?


This month’s features paint an especially balanced picture of how we can leverage the knowledge at our fingertips, and our collective knowledge as CEX experts, to do better. Or at least not do as badly as Comcast…


This month’s featured tweets are brimming with strategies to stay ahead of customers and provide them with a level of engagement that respects their time and myriad options.