Delivering Smarter Customer Experiences

Act SMART: Our five-step framework for acting smart and speeding growth

It’s a fact: Customers are getting smarter. Disruptive digital innovation is rapidly raising customer expectations of brand and customer experience. In short, the world of customer experience is changing.

And while most companies understand how important this is, not many are undertaking meaningful change to address it. With that, “Act SMART” is our five-step framework that can help your company efficiently organize around and effectively respond to changing customer needs.

  • S-SMART-box

    Segment Customers by Needs and Value

    By understanding what your customers need – and their value to your firm – you can customize experiences and services while driving revenue and profit.

  • M-SMART-box

    Modularize Products, Services, Processes and Capabilities

    This will allow you to respond more effectively – and much more rapidly – to changing customer needs and market trends.

  • A-SMART-box

    Anticipate Customer Needs

    Today, nearly every customer interaction throws off a “digital data trail” that can help you spot trends and opportunities and better meet customer needs.

  • R-SMART-box

    Reward Employees

    Align your incentives with the needs of your most valuable customers – and give employees the tools to keep up with and anticipate those needs.

  • T-SMART-box

    Transform Touchpoints by Making Them Smart

    Customized interactions based on customer needs are the foundation of innovative customer experience. In the new world of customer experience, “one size fits all” simply doesn’t fly anymore.